“Propellant Labs added value to my business within the first week I joined. In addition to the fantastic panel of experts they brought in to speak, I received one-on-one time with one of the co-founders, who helped me craft my pitch the moment I booked a meeting with a potential investor. They gave me insight I simply could not foresee due to being a first time founder. Having access to experts like this is worth thousands. For an incubator that does not require me to give up equity, this is simply the best deal in the world.”

– Lisa Clifford, CEO, Autistalline 


Sarah Wasserman
Co-Founder & CEO, riverr

“The support I’ve received from Propellant Labs has been instrumental for my fin-tech start up. I’ve had one-on-one support through tough leadership moments, amazing introductions, valuable feedback and insight on marketing materials and my pitch presentation. Gene and David have gone above and beyond for my team. It feels like they are a part of my core team, sharing their knowledge and expertise to forward our success. “


Andy Daidone
founder, thepresent

“Propellant Labs has taken a holistic, balanced approach toward providing early-stage companies with the resources they need to succeed. With a deep network of investors, daily content from experienced professionals, and personal attention to your startup's unique business needs, Propellant Labs has exceeded our expectations in terms of overall value.”



“Since joining Propellant Labs, my traction has amplified multi-fold. The quality of the connections coupled with the exposure to ideas makes the monthly free a no-brainer. Propellant Labs has curated a proactive and generous network of entrepreneurs and thought leaders that have enriched my journey and yielded outcomes that I would not have achieved otherwise. “ 



amber manry
founder, bitcubs

“Being part of Propellant Labs has been an invaluable experience for me. I'm very happy to have people with experience on my side. People who know what it's like to be in the trenches, to put everything on the line and to experience all the successes and failures that come along with entrepreneurship."


greg middleton
founder & coo, pocial

“Propellant Labs provides guidance and resources that would otherwise be unobtainable and which has led to immediate and tangible results for our business. Their success is directly tied to their member’s success and they show their dedication to both on a daily basis.”


monta flemming
founder & ceo, byday

“Propellant Labs is a game changer! The enormous pool of resources they’ve brought me and my business have far exceeded every expectation I’ve had. I applied for membership with the understanding there’d be regular online meetings, forums, and mentorship opportunities and that turned out to be the tip of the iceberg. From the start, it was clear the group founders, Gene and David, genuinely care about every single member and work hard for our success. Tangibly, the constant exposure, support, cost saving and earning resources, as well as the broad network of impressive connections they bring to the table (literally…to your table) have armed me with the necessary knowledge and nudge to obtain funding and take my business to the next level. They have saved me far more than the nominal membership cost. Gene and David are smart, start-up savvy, casual, super well connected, genuine, and a sheer pleasure to work with every single day!”


Ben bickerstaff
founder & ceo, bidsters

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to know and work with each of you. Each of your ideas, work ethic and innovative thinking inspires us to strive to be better. I’m especially thankful for Gene and David’s leadership and mentorship. It truly is a blessing”


linda farquar
founder & ceo, entredonovan

“We’re getting some incredible value out of the program. In virtual meetings with guest speakers, actionable items and building this network that is spurred by the program. I’ve received amazing insights and suggestions. The cohort participants are amazing, smart people with some really cool companies. Propellant Labs is far exceeding my expectations and I highly recommend trying to get into it”


“When we first partnered with Propellant Labs, we were immediately impressed by David and Gene's professionalism and experience in the industry. After just a couple of coaching sessions, we learned so much and were able to propel our business to much greater success.”

Gordon Li, Co-Founder, Sensei Rift