“Being part of Propellant Labs has been an invaluable experience for me. I’m very happy to have people with experience on my side.  People who know what it’s like to be in the trenches, to put everything on the line and to experience all the successes and failures that come along with entrepreneurship.

- Amber Manry, Founder, bitcubs


Learn. Collaborate. Network. Pitch.

Welcome to the global launchpad for startups.  We're an online community of entrepreneurs and investors focused on helping you build, launch and grow your venture. We've successfully travelled the road you're on.  We'll share our insights and relationships to help you succeed.  We'll share our mistakes to save you time and money. We’ll connect you with sincere, smart and experienced founders, mentors and investors to assist you on your journey. Qualifying startups participate in remote demo days with Silicon Valley and Southern California investors.



We've been there.  Done that.

Took $100 and turned it into a profitable, multi-million dollar business?  Check. 

Senior leader at a startup that became a billion dollar public company?  Check. 

Founded a $100 million dollar cyber security venture?  Check.

Raised millions from investors? Check. 


"I've had the chance to work with both David and Gene before and know them to be fantastic entrepreneurs with a lot of skill and experience to bring to the effort. I wish I had them on my team." 

 Wade Eyerly, Co-Founder, SurfAir



We've walked the walk. 

Sweat equity.  MVP.  Growth hacking.  Pivot.  Bootstrap.  Elevator pitch.  Street smarts.  Dilution.  ROI.  Agile development.  Crypto.  Valuation.  E-commerce.  Pitch Deck. Blockchain. ICO.  Artificial intelligence.  Vesting.  Big Data.  Exit.

Let us show you how it's done.   


"I have worked with David on several projects and he has always delivered. In addition, David is a valuable resource to me at the programs I run at UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management. He provides great input to my students on their business ideas. David is professional and I have gained much respect for him. David will be successful in any endeavor he is in charge of."

Jeff Scheinrock, Director, Applied Management Research Program

Prepare for Liftoff 

We review applications and accept startups on a rolling basis. We’ll review your submission and follow-up within 48 hours.